Cabernet Sauvignon - Reserve


We can see a ruby ​​red color with blue edges that give it a violet tone.

Very fruity with scents of ripe black plum, red fruits of the forest (cherry, cranberry blueberry), soft accompaniment provided by its passage in oak, which gave aromas to spices, coconut, vanilla. The floral notes are given by the presence of violets.
It is unctuous, very fruity, reflecting in the flavor the fruits found in the nose, the wood is subtly seen to decorate the bouquet of the product. It has a very good step of mouth and with important flow rates what makes it a long wine. It is ideal to accompany red meats and also to enjoy a pleasant moment.


Harvest: 2015
Cultivation Region: Valleys of Tulum (700 masl), Ullum (950 masl) and Pedernal (1250 masl)
Harvest and Transport: Manual and transported in bines.

Elaboration: Vintage destemmed, fermented at 24ºC for 30 days.

Aging in cellar: aging in oak staves for 6 months.

Bottle aging: 12 months in a controlled temperature chamber.